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Would the President’s Plans Meet Resistance?


President Ashraf Ghani has promised extensive reforms after he took over the power from former president Hamid Karzai last month. With his pledges, public expectations from the president have been high. However, there are relatively considerable levels of skepticisms over his hasty moves in issuing decrees among the people. There are stories about the president’s day-to-day activities which indicate he is taking drastic actions to bring reforms and fight corruption. Many of what are said about president Ahmadzai’s measures for overseeing low-level offices and security departments are not confirmed by the media or the officials. However, the people spread the news about Ghani’s measures.

As all eyes are pinned on President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai and his unity government to see what he will deliver in action after he moves on in forming his government ministers. Ashraf Ghani and the Unity government chief executive have not set up the new government yet and how the image of the new government would be is unclear. On the other hand it is not clear how the two leaders will be able in the first place to form the new government in a harmonious way. This is because the two leaders are going the jointly pick the ministers and form the unity government based on the deal that was achieved in meditation by US Secretary of State John Kerry. If the two leaders succeed to form the new government in harmony and if they choose capable and well qualified individuals for assuming government posts, it would send the first positive signal to the society.

Ashraf Ghani’s quick moves to take spectacular measures for fighting corruption and purging the government has resulted to concerns among the people if his hastiness would have a backlash in the near future. While there are many that believe he is taking the right and heroic actions for fighting corruptions, there are also believes that he might get in trouble since powerful figures particularly Jihadi leaders and other strongmen will attempt to block his moves. Many of his first moves have not met resistance from the political groups and influential political figures so far which is indicative of a new reality in the country. It is fact that the president has widespread support from the citizens in his reform programs.

The politicians are well aware of this public support. However, it is premature to judge the success of Ashraf Ghani’s future reform programs since there is chance that the influential political figures might start resisting when he takes practical steps that would threaten different sorts of interests. The most logical way for president Ashraf Ghani’s future anti-graft and anti-nepotism programs is to remain pragmatic of the facts on the ground and his ambitions to put forward cure-all plans in fighting corruption and advancing reforms in the government.

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