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Women’s Successful Rise in Politics

زنان و دختران افغان
With the declining presence of the international community in Afghanistan after thirteen years, Afghan women’s progress in social and political areas seem unstoppable. The recent announcement of the results of provincial council elections showed women leading in relatively secure provinces like Kabul, Bamiyan and Daikondi. While, the women didn’t participate much in the previous election in the same provinces. This clear victory of women declares two vital changes in the modern politics of Afghanistan. First, the democratic atmosphere has paved the way for women to prosper and take roles in the political, economic and cultural processes in the country. Secondly, considerable rise of awareness between the classic stratums of the Afghans is clearly seen as a hope for a more open society.
Women in Afghanistan have been suffering discriminatory behavior for a very long time. The religious extremism and obsolete tribal values have played a dominant role in making every sort of violation and violence possible against them. Women were limited to homes during the dark era of Taliban and were kept out of any kind of political activates. After the fall of Taliban and formation of the pro-western democratic country, women found the chance to attend the social, cultural, economic and political sphere. Women became minister, joined the army and got the freedom to participate in every possible social activity.
Along with the democratic Afghanistan, people’s perspective and worldview also prospered, immeasurably. Education and International community’s presence increased the tolerance about Gender discrimination in the people of Afghanistan. For instance, Afghanistan men and women extensively supported women candidates in the recent elections and made them win.
This Huge Support by the citizens of Afghanistan, reminds women to work harder as asked by their capability and competence. Skilled women can answer the needs of people very responsibly.
Women authorities and election winners regardless of their beliefs should avoid any kind of insult against the people. The Clergies and traditional religious people might act strong against the ones who want to insult the holy religion. In the countries like Afghanistan, the religious and tribal institutions can also play tremendous role in uplifting the position of women and giving them the status they deserve. As most of the people are religious and tribal, they can easily be motivated by such institutions for better and higher purposes.
Besides elections, women must be active in other processes and events as well. However, to change the overall scenario the overall attitude towards women should alter and the men have to play a large role in doing so. In fact, it is a challenging task and requires the roles and efforts of both men and women.
Both women and men have to bring about changes in their attitude. Fighting the discrimination and violence does not necessarily mean that women alone should shoulder the responsibility. The men can also play an important role and they have to be made aware of it. There should be efforts to bring about changes in the attitude of men towards women; otherwise, fighting for the rights of women would be very difficult.

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