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Women in Khost demand justice and peace

Women in Khost demand justice and peace

KHOST : On Saturday, women social activists and community leaders in the southeastern Khost province urged President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai to strive for peace in the country and to ensure gender justice while distributing power.

The rights’ activists gathered today in the provincial women affair’s department.

Sultan Zari, a mother who had lost three sons who were serving in the police department, highlighted that peace and harmony was the burning desire of all Afghans. “Peace and stability is all what we need, we wish for nothing more, we do not want to see more widows and bereaved parents”, she sighed.

Addressing the meeting, a member of the current provincial council Naimat Bibi Umri said the previous assembly failed to do justice in this regard. “In the Khost provincial assembly, there are just three women and 13 men, which is a clear indicator that justice is not done as far as female’s rights and representation is concerned”, she noted.

Ms Umri called upon women across the country to stand-up for their rights. The participants told Pajhwok Afghan News (PAN) that despite all odds they took an active part in both rounds of the presidential elections in hope of a better future.

Suraya, a student of Shaikh Zahid University in Khost, said the government must ensure higher education opportunities for the female students. “I request President Ahmadzai to strive for improving literacy and skills of females and later ensure job opportunities for them”, she added.

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