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Whether to Hold 2014 Election or Not: NLO

NLO Whether or Not hold 2014 Election

The New Line Organization organized a press discussion and debate about youth concerns on 2014 election with the youth MPs with youth participants and NLO members ,  NLO criticizing the the government policy on the issue of election and biliterial security agreement.

Dr. Mohammad Fahim Sediqi Chairman of New Line organization mentioned the the people are now in doubt of whether or not the election will be held in 2014, therefore most of people are no interested in registering for getting election cards, meanwhile Ramiz Bakhtyar a member of New LIne Organization said that all the citizens know that Afghan government cant service alone with youth the cooperation and bilateral security agreement, so its need for Afghan government to decide in fever of Afghans benefits. a board-member of New line Organization Mr. Tahir Zaland Adedd in his speech to the authorities of the government to not share the foreign policy to internal policy as well not to connect the election with the bilateral security agreement also mention that election is a internal thread of Afghanistan people and no need to put our responsibility on the shoulder of others.

Youth MP Seyawash baktash adedd to the participants the role of youth as crucial element for the development of the country and said there was no need for  President Hamid Karzi after the consultative Jirga ( Loya Jirga) peoples representative decision to put more conditions,and criticized the president decision on the issue of bilateral security agreement and is want of gaining his self benefits instead of public benefits, and mention that the 2014 presidential election is very important for the destiny of Afghanistan, and asked the government authorities to holding a free and fair election.

The New Line Organization since many years working and struggling for the youths rights through different events and programs.)The Afghanistan Express Newspaper)

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