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We Release Taliban, They Kill Our People: Karzai

President Hamid Karzai Crying

KABUL – President Hamid Karzai spoke out against the Taliban attack in Farah province saying on Friday that while his administration is endeavoring to release imprisoned members of the Taliban, the group responds with suicide attacks.

“We went another step towards preserving national sovereignty and providing peace in the country, the responsibilities of Bagram Prison were handed over to the government of Afghanistan and many of the innocent Taliban or those who were imprisoned under the name of the Taliban were released. For this humanitarian act, the Taliban attacked Farah so that people would become pessimistic about the release of those prisoners,” he said in a radio address.

Karzai suggested that the Taliban carry out the attacks following the decrees of foreigners who aim to continue the violence across Afghanistan. “The Taliban carried out a brutal terrorist attack in Farah province in which they killed people. As a result of this attack, tens of innocent people were killed while about a hundred were injured. The people of Afghanistan are still depressed even if this inhuman act is condemned many times,” he said.

The president asked the members of the group to question their leaders as to why they would kill innocent people. “I call upon the Afghan Taliban to ask their elders whose interest were the Khost, Kabul, and Farah attacks for,” President Karzai said, “Their goal is for the innocent Taliban and those who are imprisoned under the Taliban’s name not to be released and that Bagram Prison should not be handed over to the government of Afghanistan.”

The Taliban have constantly rejected Kabul’s calls for peace talks, considering their only negotiation partner is the United States. Karzai called upon the Taliban not to be a “tool” in the hands of the foreigners and to stop killing civilians as it has no benefit. (Tolonews)

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