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Wardak Provincial Council Fears Ban on US Forces

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Maidan Wardak’s provincial council Saturday said that the central province will not be secure without the US Special Forces, following a presidential decree banning the elite US forces from the region.

“This is a fact: there will be more threats and the Afghan forces do not have the capability of providing security in those areas,” head of the Wardak council Mohammad Rafi Wardak said.

He said the decree of President Hamid Karzai was decided on “hastily”.

Wardak, which borders Kabul province and has a population of more than half a million, has some of the most insecure areas of Afghanistan and is also of strategic significance for its closeness to the nation’s capital.

Karzai last week ordered his defense ministry to expel US Special Forces from the province within two weeks after reports of Afghan forces subordinate to the US forces allegedly ill-treating, torturing, and even murdering civilians.

In a meeting with Afghanistan’s Chief of Army Staff Shir Mohammad Karimi, victims of the Wardak incidents, and provincial authorities, Karimi said that investigations into the allegations were ongoing, something the US officials have been urging.

“They will continue their investigations and [the findings] will be presented to convince you [of the reports],” Karimi said.

Many officials from the province including the governor and the police chief have declined to provide any comment to TOLOnews on this matter. (TOLO News)

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