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War Criminals among Candidates: ECC

War Criminals among Candidates ECC

Kabul- Abdul SatarSaadat, the head of the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), recently acknowledged that among the 11 Presidential candidates running in the 2014 elections there are a number of war criminals.

The top election official’s comments are likely to stir up some controversy, being embraced by human rights activists who have voiced similar statements recently and condemned by candidates looking to hone their public image as the campaign season draws near.

In an exclusive interview with TOLOnews, Saadat reported complaints against seven Presidential candidates, including accusations of war crimes, corruption and land grabbing.

“There are war criminals among the Presidential candidates,” the ECC head said.

He declined to provide any names or further details about the allegations against the candidates or the progress of the ECC’s investigations.

However, Saadat confirmed that if the complaints are substantiated, the names of a number of candidates will be cut from the list of eligibles.

“In the near future, we will have another list, where many names will be omitted,” he said. “Once omitted, their cases will be handed over to the Attorney General’s Office for legal follow-up.”

Saadat also said dual-citizenship could still be an issue for some candidates. During the preliminary list formation back in October, a significant amount of Presidential and Provincial Council candidates were disqualified on account of their having dual-citizenship.

“We are continuing our investigation in regards to the dual-citizenship of candidates; I believe that there are still people who have dual citizenship,” Saadat said. “If we can’t find it, then it shows our weakness.”

Although the “final list” of candidates was released back in November, it would appear that even with only four months ahead of the elections, further changes can be expected to the field of contenders. (ToloNews)

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