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Vote Audit To Be Over In 3 Weeks: IEC

Vote audit to be over in 3 weeks IEC
More than 2,700 ballot boxes have been audited and the process will be completed in 20 days, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Tuesday.
At a news conference in Kabul, IEC spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said the vote audit was going well in the presence of candidate representatives, national and international observers.
He said 645 ballot boxes were reviewed on Monday and more than 2,000 earlier. Presently, the process is being carried out by 200 teams in two shifts. Their number will increase to 300 in coming days.
Of the about 23,000 ballot boxes, Noor said, more than 21,000 from 32 provinces had reached the IEC headquarters, an exercise that would end within 24 hours. If 1,000 ballot boxes were reviewed daily, the audit would come to an end in 20 days, he reckoned.
So far, the IEC has issued cards to 660 representatives of Dr. Abdullah, 500 of Ahmadzai, 350 national and 870 international observers.
Noor confirmed disagreements between representatives of both teams over similar ticks on ballot papers, tending to decelerate the recount.
“Without doubt, there may be votes with similar ticks. But a decision on this issue is taken as per the checklist, the UN-proposed criteria for invalidation of votes,” he explained.
But Daud Sultanzoy, a member of Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai’s camp, said the audit was proceeding normally. He saw no need for changes in the checklist.
Amarullah Aman, speaking on behalf of Abdullah’s team, said they had shared some small technical problems with international institutions, which he hoped would consider their views.

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