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US Opposes Release of 88 Dangerous Detainees

US Opposes Release of 88 Dangerous Detainees

KABUL – Several dangerous individuals posing legitimate threats were among hundreds of prisoners freed from the Bagram detention facility in central Parwan province, a US official said on Tuesday. A day earlier, a review board investigating prisoner cases announced the release of 650 “innocent” inmates. Abdul ShakoorDadras, a member of the board, told a news conference the men had been found innocent.

He regretted the illegal imprisonment of the innocent people, saying the victims themselves were unaware as to why they had been put behind bars. They were held without evidence, Dadras added. Commenting on the board’s decision, a US official in Kabul told Pajhwok Afghan News there was strong evidence or investigative leads supporting prosecution or further investigation.

He said 40% of the detainees were involved in direct attacks wounding or killing 57 Afghan citizens and security members and 30 percent participated in assaults wounding or killing 60 US or coalition soldiers. “We strongly disagree with the release of 88 detainees, (they haven’t been released yet, but we are currently disputing them from being released). All of these cases have strong evidence or investigative leads, without processing their cases through the Afghan justice system.”

The 88 disputed cases contained strong evidence of crimes or investigative leads requiring review by the Attorney General Office for prosecution or investigation by the Afghan National Directorate of Security, according to the official. He explained the board had been set up to provide an administrative review of former US Law of Armed Conflict detainees transitioning to the Afghan criminal justice system — not to adjudicate final guilt or innocence as a court.

“Dadras and the ARB are acting in direct contravention of President Karzai’s decree, in which they were charged with taking lawful measures to complete documents of the suspects and prosecute those with charges and release those who are arrested without document or evidence.” (PAN)

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