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Uproar Obstructs Meshrano Jirga Proceedings

Uproar Obstructs Meshrano Jirga Proceedings

KABUL – Some Meshrano Jirga or upper house members on Monday strongly criticised the house’s first deputy speaker, Mohammad Alam Edezdar, and accused of fueling anarchy. As the upper house proceedings began, a number of legislators raised red cards and started criticising Ezedyar, who presided over the extraordinary session to discuss the budget draft.

The harshly speaking MPs included a representative from southeastern Khost province, Arifullah Pashtun, who accused Edezyar of creating anarchy and problems, but his microphone was turned off after few moments into the speech. Later another lawmaker Haji Khan Mohammad raised red card and started speaking, but Ezedyar asked security guards to take him out of the house. This infuriated Khan Mohammad, who threw water bottles at Ezedyar.

Meanwhile, Zalmai Zabuli, the house complaints commission head, ran toward Ezedyar from his seat to apparently physically attack him, but others MPs quickly intervened. The government, presenting the draft law on population census in March, has proposed mentioning name, father and grandfather’s name, date of birth and place and current address in the new computerised identity cards.

The Wolesi Jirga, or lower house of parliament, had endorsed the government’s suggestion after heated debates and recommended the inclusion of words Afghan and religion as well. The house had also suggested that penname and other information about the card bearer should be stored in the supporting database.

Recently there were media reports suggested the upper house had dropped the lower house’s proposal to include words Afghan and religion in the ID cards. A day earlier, Senate chairman Fazl Hadi Muslimyar said they had not decided against mentioning the two words in the cards, insisting the decision had mistakenly been reported. He said the upper house had decided that penname, religion and nationality of the card holder should be written in the supporting database. (PAN)

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