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UNFPA, Australian Government Grant $1.5 Mn for Afghan Women

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KABUL – The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organised a meeting at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) in Kabul city on Monday, to discuss the deplorable state of women in Afghanistan and find a solution to ensure their rights are protected. At the gathering, several women rights activists criticized the government and security personnel over their inability to curb the increasing violence against women. Additionally, the activists accused the Legislators of intentionally ignoring the issue of women rights.

In an effort to improve the state of women in the country, the Australian government in collaboration with the UNFPA announced a grant of $1.5 million for the Afghan women. The allocated aid money would be utilized in running awareness programmes across Afghanistan.
“Today we are very happy to announce a new project. It is a part of the new Australian Financial Cooperation. The amount of $1.5 million would be spent over a span of two years in at least eight provinces across the country,” said Dr. Laurent Zesslev, a representative of the UNFPA.
At the conference, the role of police in providing protection to the women was also discussed by the participants. During the course of the meeting, it was inferred that the police have a major role to play in preventing violence against women. The attendees agreed that more women should be inducted into the police force.
“The police personnel are doing their duty with honesty and even arrest the criminals. Unfortunately, the judicial organs are not investigating the cases in a proper manner. In certain cases, the criminals are freed and they continue with their crimes against women,” said Abdul Jamal Naser Sediqi, Deputy Minister of Interior for Policy and Strategy.
Increasing violence against the women and the delay in approving the Elimination of Violation Against Women (EVAW) Law has angered several human rights activists across Afghanistan. They have demanded an immediate approval of the EVAW Law.
“We are concerned about the deplorable state of women. Every day we witness tragic incidents against the women. Unfortunately, there are some Lawmakers in the Parliament who do not believe in women rights. They are trying hard to prevent the approval of the EVAW Law,” said Suraya Subhrang, Commissioner of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. (TOLONews)

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