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UN Supports Afghan Transition toward Better Future

UN Supports Afghan Transition toward Better

KABUL – United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday condemned the deadly attack on a Kabul restaurant that killed 21 people, including four UN staff, and said that the UN fully supports the transition of Afghanistan toward a better future in peace, development and security. “On many occasions I have condemned in the strongest possible terms these reckless terrorist attacks against civilians. This is totally unacceptable and this is a violation of international humanitarian law. All the perpetrators must be held accountable,” said Ban.
“As the United Nations mourns this terrorist attack and victims we remain committed to work for the peace, stability and development of Afghanistan. We fully support the transition of Afghanistan toward better future in peace development and security,” he said. Gunmen burst into the Lebanese restaurant spraying diners with bullets after the bomber blew himself up near the entrance on Friday night, just as people had sat down for dinner.
The first explosion happened at 19:30 in the diplomatic district of Wazir Akbar Khan. Security forces reached the area and engaged in two hour gunfire with the two gunmen who were resisting inside the building, said Kabul police chief Gen ZahirZahir. The restaurant has high security and a reputation for serving foreign diplomats and aid workers. It is known to draw crowds on Friday nights.
The Taliban claimed responsibility for attack, calling it revenge for a US air strike earlier this week that had also drawn condemnation from Karzai as eight civilians were killed. The US State Department said three US private citizens were killed. Britain and Canada confirmed they each lost two nationals and Denmark said one of its citizens also died. (Tolonews)

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