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Treaty revision in the fight against illiteracy in the country


The International Literacy Day celebrated throughout Takhar, Badakhshan, Faryab, Sar-e-Pul Balkh, Parwan, Herat, Kundozand Baghlanprovinces by participation of provinces governors, government officials and heads of provincial councils, domestic and international NGOs and families of literacy learners.
Local authorities of the above-mentioned provinces in the honor of International Literacy DayImportance and value of literacy expressed different perspective, while supporting the literacy process in the country, especially in the area under their rule, said: “Literacy is the basis of progress and development of every country, Countries that are adorned with ornaments of science and education in all aspects of civil society are advanced”.
Officials emphasized: “When we reach to the highest peak of success that we have supportof people and the governmentin defense of literacy, undoubtedly the cooperation of people is indispensable in this area; because without the participation of scholars, scientists and local influential literacy in the country is unlikely to achieve the overall goal”.
During thesegatherings the people’s representatives in the provincial councils said that the only way to reach Afghanistan free from the poverty and misery isto gain the support of people and government of Afghanistan from literacy programmes in the country. They criticized the government leadership and said: “Most of the budget should be allocated to the Ministryof Education including the Deputy Ministry for Literacy in order to gain Balanced and effective education programs for the people in need.
The education authorities appreciated national and international institutions, NGOs that have the utmost honesty and transparency in funding to support the launch of the program, and emphasize to continue such activities.
It’s mentionable that Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE) which is a nonprofit organization and from since past years support financially to literacy programs in the mentioned provinces with help of the German organization dVVIn relation to the realization and implementation of literacy programs in country reports: “Afghan National Association for Adult Education (ANAFAE), a nonprofit organization since 2005, regarding to its commitment has taken practical steps in centre and provinces to accelerate the literacy With financial and technical support to the programs related to literacy significant activities are taken.
While setting up national gatherings for public awareness from benefits of knowledge, through these conferences and meetings significant changes in the lives of the people has been created.This move forced the authorities to support literacy and education to create real changes in the lives of people in need

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