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Military Talks in Islamabad

Afghan Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi is on a five-day visit to Pakistan aimed at boosting the military cooperation between the two countries and talking over security issues dominating Kabul-Islamabad relations. The two top Afghan and Pakistani military chiefs met in Rawalpindi on Monday, stressing on greater military cooperation between the two countries and jointly dealing the security challen ...

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Moving beyond Taliban’s Release

Decision of Pakistani authorities to release all Afghan Taliban prisoners from prisons was hailed by Afghan officials and political circles as it was aimed to enhance bilateral ties between Islamabad and Kabul. Relations was strained between the two neighboring countries due to cross-border attacks, refugees issue, closure of Torkham gate and torture of Pakistani citizens in Afghanistan and of Afghans in Kh ...

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No More a Spoiler?

Pakistan announced that it was planning to release all Afghan Taliban detainees in the country, including Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the former right-hand man to Taliban top leader Mullah Omar. A top Pakistani Foreign Ministry official, Jalil Jilani, told a news conference on Friday that "The remaining detainees, we are coordinating, and they will be released subsequently." The move seems to be, indeed, a ...

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The Fate of Taliban’s Qatar Office

The government of Afghanistan has set some preconditions for the Taliban’s Qatar political office. Afghan Foreign Affairs Minister Zalmay Rassoul said on Wednesday that the government of Afghanistan will not consent to opening of the office in Qatar if the Taliban refuses to talk with the Afghan government. Mr. Rassoul stressed that the office, when opened, will not give the Taliban legitimacy but it will b ...

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A Friendly Move of Pakistan

Pakistan took another friendly decision by releasing eight top Taliban leaders from its jails. The prisoners included former Justice Minister Nur-ud-Din Turabi, governors of Helmand and Kabul as well as Allah Daad Tabib. The move of Islamabad was aimed to facilitate Afghanistan in the peace process. Release of Taliban leaders by Pakistani authorities was appreciated by Afghan leaders. It is perceived that T ...

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The Legacies of 2012 and the Tasks for 2013

The year 2012 ended but the chronic challenges such as war, corruption and absence of law governance still remain unsolved. The people still expect the government to lead the country to the right direction, as they expected it to do the job one year ago. The war still continues to ravage the country and take victims. The widespread corruption has placed Afghanistan at the top of the list of corrupt countrie ...

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Paris Meeting: the Beginning of More Comprehensive Talks?

[caption id="attachment_49" align="alignnone" width="640"] Taliban fighter in Afghanistan[/caption] For the first time, representatives from the Taliban, Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e Islami, some major political parties and the High Peace Council (HPC) are gathering in an undisclosed area near Paris to talk over the Afghan conflict and the 2014 deadline for withdrawal of foreign troops. Despite that the talks are ann ...

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Jumpstarting the Peace Process

In another bid to revive the peace process, Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmay Rasoul visited Islamabad to persuade Pakistani officials in helping jumpstart the peace process and releasing more Taliban leaders who can play a role in the process. According to the officials, Rasoul met senior Pakistani officials on Friday, with talks about release of more Taliban prisoners, including Mullah Abdul Ghani Bardadar – ...

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