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Release of Taliban Militants may Upset the Peace Efforts

Afghanistan is going through a very difficult and most cuticle pint of time with bold and most challenging tasks ahead begins with now. With foreign troop’s departure, a presidential election getting closer and a potential peace deal with the rebels still far from certain, a crucial phase in the struggle for Afghanistan’s future is set to spread out in the near future. In certain corners of the country that ...

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A Way to Salvation!

There are some events or happenings in the world which can’t be easily understood. A person or king who was cruel in the whole of his life and inflicted a lot many troubles and difficulties to the people and later on when the same dynasty or power was transferred to his son, he came up with the same powers and it appears as there had been no accountability with the person who did wrong and his son was again ...

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Dire Winter Puts Lives in Danger

Afghanistan is one of the world’s poorest countries and is largely mountainous, with winter temperatures often dropping below freezing point. Currently, more than two million children are at risk from cold, disease and malnutrition and starvation. Lack of foodstuff, blankets, heaters, job opportunities and other basic life facilities are threatening millions of lives as the dire winter condition sets in. Po ...

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Afghan Children Missing their Foundational Years of Education

In Afghanistan, children are enrolled in schools at the age of 7 in urban, and at age 8-10 in rural areas. The delayed enrollment deprives children from the foundational years of early childhood education and development. Research shows that early childhood education plays a profound role in the personal, physical, emotional, social, cognitive and linguistic development of the children. Thus, for Afghanista ...

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