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Asia-China Gas Pipeline Metering Station Passes Appraisal

Urumqi - Construction of the Horgos metering station for Line C of the China-Central Asia gas pipelines has been completed and passed an appraisal by a quality inspection watchdog. The station will be a hub connecting Line C and China's No.3 West-East gas pipeline. The station will be used to conduct metering, inspection and settlement of imported natural gas from central Asian countries. The Line C pipelin ...

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India and Indonesia Pursue Different Economic Paths

India and Indonesia, relegated to the ranks of the "fragile five" economies, have witnessed a sudden uptick in foreign investment as they go to the polls. Financial markets have responded exuberantly to the prospect of Narendra Modi and Joko "Jokowi" Widodo assuming power in New Delhi and Jakarta, respectively, where they are expected to initiate more "reforms" -- a much-bandied-about word that in this cont ...

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Challenges and Opportunities Ahead of Insurance Industry in Afghanistan

Afghan entrepreneur and chairman of SMN Investments, Sadat Mansoor Naderi shares the challenges and potential of insurance industry in Afghanistan. Sadat Mansoor Naderi is the first Afghan entrepreneur to win the Peace through Commerce Award from United States Department of Commerce in 2012. Naderi single-handedly created the first private insurance company in Afghanistan in late 2007 despite the war-torn c ...

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