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Ghazni the Capital of Islamic Civilization

The long-awaited ceremony for declaring Ghazni city as the Asian Capital of Islamic Culture and Civilization was formerly held on Saturday amid tight security. High-ranking government officials, parliamentarians and dignitaries from other countries participated in the ceremony, which is going to last for five days. The official designation of Ghazni city as the Capital of Islamic civilization comes five yea ...

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Revival of Music in Afghanistan – The Afghan Star

Throughout the human history, growth of art, either in the form of painting, architecture, sculpture, dance, theater or music, has been a sign of progress and prosperity. Like the wild birds that move on green gardens and fields, art also grows in a society where its people have the freedom to communicate their inner feelings, creativity and emotions to their outer world through exploring and presenting the ...

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Afghan Star a platform of Community war

By Attaullah Nawrozy Afghan Star is a platform of community war not a platform to introduce the best Singer to the Audience. After the first Season, It has sparked a chaos in to selecting the Contestant based on one’s Background. Afghan star is a reality television show which was launched in 2005 that aims to bring the most talented aspiring singers from the political boundary of Afghanistan as well as its ...

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Nowroz: the Message of Hope

As the people of Afghanistan celebrate the auspicious New Year’s (Nowroz) days, they hope the country would have a better future and the war and violence would end soon. The Nowroz Days have special meanings to the Afghans. Beginning the New Year, every Afghan reads out their wishes and prays for good fortunes for themselves as well as other people particularly family member sand neighbors. Praying for peac ...

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Afghan Movie Nominated in US Film Festival

Kabul - Afghan film "A Man's Desire for a Fifth Wife" has been nominated for the US's Boston International Film Festival (BIFF) which will held in April. The film festival will be held from the April 12 to April 21 at the Boston Massachusetts which showcases over 90 films annually. The film, directed by Sediq Abedi, was made in northern Faryab and Balkh provinces and took about a year to make. It tells the ...

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Bamiyanis Remember Giant Buddha tatues

Bamiyan’s civil society are planning to stay a night with Buddha’s for remembering that tragic moment which Taliban was destroying Buddha’s. They named this night “a night with Buddha”. For centuries, the famous Bamiyan Buddhas stood in the Bamiyan Valley in current day Afghanistan. Not only were they the two largest Buddha statues ever created, they were also categorized by UNESCO as being a World Heritage ...

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