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The Shocking Report on Violence Against Women

Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) published a detailed report about the widespread violence against women in Afghanistan. The reports titled National Inquiry on Rape and Honor killing in Afghanistan said that “based on the findings by the Commission, cases of honor killing and sexual assaults have been the most serious cases of violence against women registered in AIHRC’s regional an ...

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The Need for Supporting the Pro-women Law

Echoing concerns of Afghan civil organizations, Jan Kubis, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and UNAMA head called on the government and parliament of Afghanistan to step up efforts for fully implementing the law on Elimination of Violence Against Women. In response to the UN representative’s call, many of the Mishrano Jirga lawmakers scorned his statements regarding the need ...

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Guaranteeing Protection for Women

Blocking approval of the Elimination Violence Against Women law by conservative members of the parliament have raised concerns about a possible potential setback in women’s rights in Afghanistan. Many pro-women groups working for the promotion of women’s rights in Afghanistan have expressed concerns that the conservatives may attempt to weaken the law by amending it or even throwing it away altogether. As t ...

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Retrogressive Moves on Protection of the Women

In Afghanistan, the women still remain vulnerable to the deep-rooted conservatism and violence in the male-dominated society. Despite considerable progress regarding rights and status of the women in the past twelve years, the conservative circles are still capable of threatening women’s rights as the US-led NATO alliance is withdrawing from Afghanistan. On Saturday, the members of the Afghan parliament deb ...

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The Mass Poisoning in Girls’ Schools

The rising incidents of poisoning schoolgirls and other sorts of threats against girls’ schools are turning into a serious challenge for the ministry of education. According to the reports, about 150 girls were poisoned in Mazar-e Sharif, the capital city of Balkh province on Tuesday. In another incident a girls’ school in Ghazni was attacked by armed men. The threats against schools have been on rise as th ...

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Setbacks in Women’s Status

In the midst of war and instability, the Afghan women are the most vulnerable segment of the society. Murders of women, suicides and other kinds of violence against women have turned into a usual trend in the Afghan society. In recent weeks, many women in northern Jawzjan province have committed suicide, or have been murdered. According to the reports, five women have been found dead in Jawzjan in the past ...

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Afghanistan and the International Women’s Day

Afghanistan marked the occasion of International Women’s Day with special events organized by government institutions and other organizations. Each year, this day a chance to glance at our past and the achievements we have made for restoring the rights and dignity of our mothers, wives and daughters. Hopefully, Afghanistan has reached a point that marking these events reflects the potential of the society f ...

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Dreaming of the Halcyon Days

Picture is dark and disheartening but still Afghans have to see it in order to plug the loopholes that had stolen our peace of mind. Corruption is rampant in the country. Peace is gone far away with less hope of return while pessimism is on the rise. Several other issues like unemployment, violence against women, early child and forces marriages, skyrocketing price hike, illiteracy, lack of health and other ...

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The Distressing Status of Afghan Women

Once again the distressing status of the Afghan women has come under the spotlight, as there are reports that a teenage girl, voluntarily working for polio vaccination program, was killed by unknown armed attackers in Kapisa Province. According to the reports, Anisa, 17, was on her way to a health clinic when attacked and later succumbed to her injures. This comes just a few days after another report that t ...

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