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ANSF Ready for Takeover?

As Afghanistan is getting closer to a historical juncture of its history in which it is set to take the whole responsibility on its own, there are glimpses of hope that the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) would be successful for taking the lead role of war and security operations in the country. But, of course there are much to worry about the much-talked-about 2014 deadline for US withdrawal and the ...

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Smoothly Leading the Election Process

A sound and fair presidential election in 2014 is a real test which the country is facing. And now as we gradually are getting closer to the 2014 presidential election, there are hard choices to be made in order to have a fair and transparent election. But, in order to make the right choices in this critical political transition, the government of Afghanistan needs to remain committed to its obligations in ...

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The Alarming US Signal of Complete Withdrawal

White House officials announced that the Obama administration does not rule out complete withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan after the 2014 deadline. The announcement comes as Afghan President Hamid Karzai is visiting the United States and will meet US President Barack Obama. Despite the recommendations by NATO commander in Afghanistan about keeping between 6,000 up to 20,000 US troops in Afghanistan a ...

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A Strong U.S. Presence in Post-2014 Afghanistan

Making decision on level of post-2014 US troops in Afghanistan has become top priority for Kabul and Washington. It is expected that US president Barack Obama make decision on the issue after meeting President Karzai during his forthcoming visit to Washington. The level of US troops in post-2014 Afghanistan will be at the top of agenda when the two leaders discuss the post-2014 phase of US-NATO mission in A ...

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President Karzai’s Withdrawal Call

Once again, President Hamid Karzai called on US-led Nato troops in Afghanistan to abandon Afghan villages. Talking at a conference of Afghan diplomats, the President said that the international coalition had come to Afghanistan to fight terrorism. The President has kept insisting that the safe havens of the terrorists are not in Afghan villages but they remain untouched beyond the borders. What is this call ...

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