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Thousands of Children Affected By Floods in Afghanistan

Thousands of Children Affected By Floods in Afghanistan

Around 25,000 children have been affected and in need of urgent assistance in the aftermath of flash floods triggered by heavy rain and melting snow in the mountainous area of northern Afghanistan, Save the Children says.
Dozens are still missing after the flooding Thursday night in Jawzjan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces, Afghanistan’s Natural Disaster Management Agency said.
Aid agencies spent the weekend working to save thousands of children and families who are without homes, food and drinking water.
Even though the operation is ongoing but effected families complaining because of lack of tents, drinking water and food.
At least 40,000 people have been affected after a large body of water swept through the area during the night of 24th to 25th of April 2014 in Jawzjan, Faryab and Sar-e-Pul provinces of Afghanistan.
So far, 123 people have been killed, and dozens more missing, in day three of the search and rescue efforts, according to the afghan government reports.
As assessments continue the number is expected to rise.
Afghan government, NGOs and Turkey government send relief supplies in warehouses and distributing blankets, water and fresh bread to the worst-affected in Faryab, Sarepul, and Jawzjan provinces. So far, the children’s aid agency (Save the Children) has reached over 5,000 people with water, bread, hygiene and household items, as well as tarpaulins.
“It was fortunate that our warehouses were so close to the worst-affected areas, so that we were able to respond as quickly as we have to assist the worst-affected children and their families,” said Onno van Manen, Program Director for Save the Children in Afghanistan.
“But more help is needed. At least 1,000 houses have been completely destroyed, which means many children are without a roof over their heads, hot food from their homes and a blanket to make them feel safe them at night.”
“Save the Children is now working round the clock to distribute hygiene and household items, tarpaulin for shelter, blankets, and fresh drinking water to children and their families in Faryab, Sar I Pul and Jawzjan provinces,” he added.
Save The children had plan In the coming weeks, to aim set up temporary learning spaces while schools are being rehabilitated, as well as safe areas for children to play, learn and talk through their experiences.
In Jawzjan province, more than 100 people have been injured and over 30 villages remain underwater, said Gen. Faqir Mohammad, the local police chief.
He warned that the number of casualties may rise as the flooding continues.
In Faryab province, flooding has killed 40 people, injured dozens and left 10,000 domestic animals dead, deputy provincial governor Abdulsatar Barez said.
Witnesses reported seeing people climbing trees to save themselves from the rising water.

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