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The Taliban’s Assault on Yamagan of Badakhshan

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Unconfirmed reports suggest that the Taliban have seized Yamagan district of Badakhshan province. According to the reports, Badakhshan police have confirmed seizure of the district by Taliban fighters while officials in Kabul maintain that resistance from local police forces are going and backup forces have been dispatched. It seems that at the height of the seasonal fighting and ahead of the election runoff next month, the Taliban are ferociously attempting to gain grounds along their routine fighting through mounting attacks on most vulnerable provinces and districts. The Taliban assault in Badakhshan highlights how vulnerable is the security in remote areas of the insecure provinces.

Much have been said and anticipated about possible security deterioration in Afghanistan after withdrawal of NATO forces by end of 2014. However, recently hopes revived over capabilities of Afghan security forces. Afghanistan National Security Forces was successful in a major security operation which tested its readiness against a potential resurgence of the Taliban. About 400,000-strong Afghan army and police forces played a remarkable role in securing the elections despite Taliban’s determination to disrupt the polls. The successful security operation for the elections attracted widespread praises for the security forces mainly from the youth.

However, Afghan security forces are particularly vulnerable in securing remote areas of insecure provinces like Badakhshan and Nuristan. Despite successes, the test of sustainability for Afghan security forces is not over. With two major developments going on in the country, Afghan forces are increasing being projected into the heart of a role that would determine Afghanistan’s success or failure to sustain its future.

Though the successful handling of this year’s elections’ security was a huge success for Afghanistan’s security forces, the Taliban are going to escalate their attacks on Afghanistan’s government and military personnel. In recent weeks, the violence of the Taliban has once again risen after a short lull in recent weeks. The Taliban’s revived attacks in recent weeks highlighted the worrisome prospect of Afghanistan’s security as the insurgent groups are struggling to make a fresh momentum ahead of the upcoming presidential elections. In recent months and weeks, the militant groups have organized assaults on security personnel and government and military installations. More notable has been the group’s resort to rocket attacks targeting cities and military bases across the country.

Previously, a British military official and an American intelligence assessment said that there were the possibility for the Taliban to make resurgence and regain some territories in the south and west. These were other alarms about a possible comeback of the Taliban after withdrawal of foreign forces. All these worrisome warnings are indicating that the Afghan security forces are going to engage in a long-lasting with the militants, and the Taliban might be able to threaten the mild peace and stability. Though a full-scale resurgence seems highly unlikely, but the fact is that the possibility for the Taliban to threaten security, particularly that of the election is quite possible.

The militants’ assault in Badakhshan might be the beginning of Taliban’s ferocious offensive in insecure districts of the province. The events that occurred last year in some districts of Badakhshan provinces should not be repeated. The Afghan army and police need to act with full force to control the deteriorating security situation in Badakhshan and some other insecure provinces.

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