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The Shocking Report on Violence Against Women

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Comission

Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) published a detailed report about the widespread violence against women in Afghanistan. The reports titled National Inquiry on Rape and Honor killing in Afghanistan said that “based on the findings by the Commission, cases of honor killing and sexual assaults have been the most serious cases of violence against women registered in AIHRC’s regional and provincial offices in the recent years.” “The number of such cases has been increased recently occurring in almost all parts of Afghanistan and has changed to constitute a general concern,” the report said. Officials of the AIHRC say that more than 400 cases of rape and honor killings have been registered to the offices of the commission during two last years.

The shocking report is specially of importance as it finds unprecedented records of honor killings and sexual assaults as the most serious cases of human rights violation and violence against women in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, violence against women is occurring on daily basis and the registered cases are only a minimal part of widespread violence agaings wome which usually are not reported to the government agencies. Despite extensive campaigns for improvement of womens’ conditions in past twelve years, each month there are many cases of violence against women mostly occurring in the families. The major reasons behind violence against women can be attributed to cultural, social, political, psychological and economical factors. But the most important reason behind the widespread violence against women is the fact that the Afghan society is still remaining deeply conservative. Also the long-lasting wars and adverse security conditions have affected all vulnerable segments of the society, particularly the women.

Despite all progresses made during past twelve years, there are still concerns for probable setbacks in women’s rights. As the ominous 2014 timeframe for withdrawal of foreign troops is getting closer the public anxiety about the hard-gained achievements for women is growing. Many wonder about what would happen after the withdrawal of foreign forces by 2014 and how it would affect the status of women and on the hard-gained achievements of the past decade. Despite the substantial gains in the rights and status of Afghan women, there are still potential dangers threatening the minimum hard-gained achievements and reversal of the achievements regarding the lives and conditions of the women.

It should be admitted that in recent years, the conditions of women has considerably improved when comparing to the past and the collective move towards the goal of a violence-free society for women is paying off. To fight the causes of violence against women, public awareness and generalizing education is the key. In fact, it is the most major driver of change regarding promotion of rights and status of women. Public awareness gradually changes the conservative mood of the society and makes it ready for embracing the new way of life and accepting a new set of rights for the women. In addition to that, the women now have direct and active involvement in the campaign, giving them a voice and the energy to make their voice heard.

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