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The Resurgence of the Militants

As the statesmen and government officials are preoccupied with the ongoing electoral controversies and the unity government politics, Taliban militants are mounting heavy assault on Ajristan district of Ghani province killing allegedly more than one hundred people and burning down homes of ordinary people. According to the reports, the militants have executed more than dozen people including women and children accusing them of collaborating with the government. Some other reports suggest the district has fallen to the Taliban. In a much-delayed move, the government dispatched commando forces on Friday to confront the militants and protect the district from Taliban advance.

The Taliban assault on Ajristan district indicate Taliban attempt to gain grounds through mounting attacks on most vulnerable provinces and districts as the NATO is completing withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. The Taliban assault in Ajristan of Ghazni province highlights how vulnerable is the security in remote areas of the insecure provinces like Ghazni, Helmand, Badakhshan and some eastern provinces. In the critical battle for taking and preserving grounds against the Taliban offensive, Afghan security forces are particularly vulnerable in remote provinces like Ghazni, Badakhshan, Nuristan and Helmand.

There are widespread concerns about possible security deterioration in Afghanistan after withdrawal of NATO forces by end of 2014. The security forces this year played a remarkable role in securing the elections despite Taliban’s determination to disrupt the polls which attracted widespread praises for the security forces mainly from the youth. Despite being successful in some major security operations around the country this year, the 400,000-strong Afghan army and police which are the bulk of Afghanistan’s National Security Forces are being tested as the NATO forces are withdrawing and the country just averted a potential political crisis.

Despite that securing a crucial election this year was widely seen as a security success for Afghanistan, however, the Afghan forces are facing their most daunting challenge this year as the Taliban have already escalated their attacks on Afghan government installations and military. In recent months, the Taliban has mounted spectacular attacks across the country after a lull last winter. The renewed attacks from the Taliban militants has once again highlighted the worrisome prospect of the country’s security as the militants are trying to make a fresh momentum before the completion of the NATO withdrawal.

The militants’ assault in Ghazni will be the beginning of the militants’ ferocious attacks on insecure provinces across the country if the government continues its negligence towards the security situation in Ghazni. The government needs to act with full force to control the deteriorating s situation in Ghazni and other insecure provinces.

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