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The Munich Process

Afghan Politicians in Munich Issue Resolutions

Some Afghan and foreign experts, Afghan prominent politicians from the opposition parties and political activists attended a gathering in Munich, Germany, discussing the current affairs and the future of Afghanistan. The gathering was concluded on Sunday and issued a resolution stressing on a fair and transparent presidential election, an all-inclusive peace process and proposing changes to the government system in Afghanistan. In reaction to the gathering, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ spokesman said that any changes to the government system in the country was the right of Afghans and no single group or person could do it alone. As previous, Janan Musazai, the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tacitly criticized the venue of the gathering proposing changes to the government system, saying that “such a decision should be made inside the country, not abroad.”

Regarding the nature of the gathering, as reported, it had been organized by Afghan citizens living in Germany, mainly aimed on discussing the current political situation in Afghanistan, including the peace process with the Taliban, the forthcoming elections in the country and the type of government system in Afghanistan, a subject that had long been a subject of heated debates among Afghan political parties. Keeping in mind that the Afghan Constitution gives the right to every citizen to express their opinions about the political affairs in the country as well as the structure of the political establishment, any such gathering of experts, activists and politicians is not only against the law but is in long-term interests of Afghanistan. Therefore, any concerns about legitimate political gatherings, inside on outside of the country, are irrelevant.

Afghanistan needs to promote the role and participation of political parties, civil organizations and all citizens in state-building process and the process of democratization in the country. Therefore, any peaceful proposals and recommendations regarding the structure of government and public policies in the country should be supported by the law and encouraged by the government. In many countries, a decentralized political system has served much better the interests of the citizens of those countries such as India and the United States. Also in Afghanistan, decentralization of government system could be considered if it serves interests of all ethnic, lingual and cultural identities in the country. On the other hand, as obliged by the Constitution, the Afghan government should promote freedoms of speech, political activities and gatherings.

The gathering has stressed on a free and fair presidential election and also has put forward proposals for the ongoing peace efforts with the insurgent groups. As Afghanistan is now at a critical juncture, it is of crucial importance that the political parties, media and civil organizations exert pressures on the government to do more to run a free and transparent election acceptable to everyone, since this credible way to save the future of the country. Regarding the peace efforts, the government must pursue peace talks with the insurgent groups with all-inclusive policies and building a national consensus on the issue. Such an approach by the government will, on one hand, guarantee the success of the process, and on the other hand, will put the government on the upper position against the militant groups.

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