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The Election Has Further Strengthened National Unity: Ghani

The Election Has Further Strengthened National Unity Ghani
Speaking at a press conference on Monday evening, President-elect Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, praised people’s patience throughout the prolonged election process, stating that the process has further strengthened national unity in Afghanistan.
“The election process has strengthened our national unity,” he asserted. “There is no room for partition or division in the country. We are united and we will remain united.”
Addressing the crowd, Ghani stressed that instead of relying on others, Afghanistan should become self-sustaining in building its future.
“I see future leaders in the faces of our daughters,” he added.
Moreover, hinting at the political agreement with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Ghani emphasized that political matters should be resolved through political negotiations.
“We are not just responsible for protecting the people’s votes, but also for their lives,” he added. “We will sacrifice anything for Afghanistan’s stability.”
Ghani stressed that he and Dr. Abdullah are committed to honoring their agreements and commitments and that both their teams will work together in the National Unity Government.
Toward that end, the newly elected president asked that everyone leave the past behind them, and work for a better and more prosperous future for the country.
“For the first time in our history, one elected president transfers power to the next elected president,” Ghani said. “We are certain that Afghanistan will attain peace and stability,” he added.Tolonews

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