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The Catastrophe of Badakhshan Landslide

2,100 confirmed dead in Badakhshan landslide

Afghans are mourning for the victims of the tragic incident in Northern Badakhshan province. The destructive landslide in Badakhshan province left more than 2,700 people dead and many others missing. According to police and government officials, more than 300 homes are buried under mudslide and residents from some neighboring villages have been evacuated by police. In recent weeks, there have been many tragic natural incidents in Northern provinces of Afghanistan, leaving thousands of people dead and missing. The tragic incident of Badakhshan is coming only few days after floods in a number of Northern provinces killed more than 200 people. The latest incidents of the North is indicating how Afghanistan is vulnerable to natural disasters and to what extent Afghanistan needs to be equipped for managing the natural disasters.
Though the catastrophe in Badakhshan have taken lives of thousands of people, the situation will get even worse if the government responses late and inefficiently. The government must be quick in dealing with aftermaths of the Badakhshan landslide and provide assistance to those in need. There are many in open areas with no food and clean water, and most probably more people will be affected by the disasters in the Northern provinces. The government should redouble efforts to provide foods and shelters for those who are affected by the landslide. It should mobilize the country’s armed forces for rescue and providing assistance to the victims.
In the past, late and insufficient responses from the government to the natural disasters led to higher human tolls and displacements of the residents of the affected areas. It is never acceptable on the government part to mobilize all resources and the military to assist the people of Badakhshan. The landslide in Badakhshan province and flooding in other provinces in the north of the country highlights Afghanistan’s urgent need for developing the capabilities of effective response against natural disasters. Afghanistan is one of the most vulnerable countries against natural disasters such as flooding, landslide and road blockades from snow in winters. This is while it is unable to effectively deal with such disasters and effectively with its aftermaths. During winter seasons, there happen many avalanches, road blockades and so on, and in every spring many die because of flooding and landslides.
The disaster-management agencies should increase efforts for dealing with consecutive the disasters in the North. An option for the government is to enhance collective efforts for reaching out to the catastrophe-hit provinces. The government should mobilize volunteers with the help of the civil society to provide food and shelter to the people in need. The government needs to take bold measures to rescue people still in danger and provide shelter, foods and medical services. The recent disasters in the North are not over. The government must redouble its efforts to assist the disaster-stricken people. If the relief agencies continue its slow respond to the crisis in Northern provinces, the death tolls will most certainly rise even higher and the affected people will continue to suffer.

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