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Strategy for the Weak!


By: Mahmood Hassan Quraishi.

This is also one of the most repeated ideas that an elephant destroyed a colony of ants so an ant decided to avenge this. It quietly went near the elephant, gently climbed on it and bit it. The elephant felt the pain and tried to find out the reason but could not see anything. The ant bit it again and again and felt really relieved when elephant got irritated but could do nothing. Soon the elephant discovered that an ant had climbed up on its body and was biting it continuously. It did whatever it could to throw the ant away but the ant was sticking very tightly to its body. The power, the strength and all the wisdom of elephant became helpless in front of this small ant. The angry and helpless elephant started crying in agony. It cried not because of pain but because of the anger and helpless situation that the ant had put it into. Story ends here and the conclusion is left for the readers. Some say the elephant died of its agony and some narrate that the ant stepped down after taking its revenge.

Those who have a younger brother at times may fall into disagreement with him. As the elder brother is strong and intimidating in behavior so in all such disagreements, he regards himself to be correct and sees his younger brother absolutely on fault. With the exception of a few kind ones, whenever an elder gets angry of a younger one, he has a straight forward formula to be relieved of his anger; to beat the younger and make him cry. The helplessness and the cries of the younger satisfy the ego of elder and help him reassume his confidence on his power and authority. But at times an interesting situation comes. Some youngsters are too much energetic and enthusiastic. For this character it is not necessary that one should be energetic physically but he should show perseverance and dedication and should never show readiness to drop the weapons and accept the defeat.

I myself witnessed one such fight when an elder brother got angry of his younger and beat him. The younger cried for a while but soon wiped his tears, came to his brother in anger and inquired him why he had beaten him like that. This was rather shocking for the elder one who was expecting absolute adherence and obedience from his brother but here case was something different and rather interesting. This unexpected courage of his brother enraged him and he shouted in anger, “Who the hell are you to ask me?” and gave him a slap and threw him away. The boy cried loudly and in the same condition, he again came to his brother and asked the same question. The elder shook his head and this time, not only slapped him but also kicked him. The younger one again gave a loud cry, shouted like the soldiers shout before attacking the enemy, came running in full pace and attacked his brother. He had always made his brother fall down but then he got himself balanced. The younger one was at the same time crying, shouting, complaining and punching his brother. This was more than enough and elder one felt a shocking sympathy for this young and brave soldier. He held his hands, said sorry to him and embraced him in his arms. The younger one started crying in the arm of his brother and this time, he gave out his true tears. His brother wiped his tears and took him to a shop to buy something for him.

In the world, there was never and there would never be equality between the people or nations. There would always be strong and powerful people or nations who would always try to deprive the weaker ones of their rights and freedom. In such a conflict, the logic, equality and justice would be ignored and there would be the rule of “Might is right”. The strong would always be in position to oppress the weak and go to the limits of cruelty and injustice. The weak would feel itself absolutely under the control of the strong and may complain to nature of this extreme inequality and injustice when strong has everything and weak has nothing at all.

On any such occasion, there would be two strategies adopted by the weak. It might accept the defeat once intimidated and controlled by the strong and would agree to live the despised life of slavery and dependence. Contrary to this, it might not accept the defeat and would never make any compromise with the conditions. No doubt, it might not be able to bring any immediate or clear success but it would certainly not let the things as it is as well. Firstly, it would give a message to the oppressor that he cannot get an easy or let’s say ‘an unearned victory’. Secondly, if one has a clear enemy, it would get into a battle and would either bring an end to its enemy or would accept the defeat but an unclear enemy keeps you always restless. It is just like flu which is said to be a minor illness but once it attacks a person, its continuous meddling keeps a person in complete restlessness and his schedule and mood are greatly disturbed. Thirdly, it would give you a satisfaction that you tried all your best and did whatever you could do. Tomorrow, you will not feel the guilt of not extending any effort at all and accepting the defeat without contesting it.

As was the case with the boy mentioned above, when you try, you discover that there were abilities and energies that were hidden in you and you could have never come to discover or utilize them if you had not made an effort to try them. It is said that one who cannot control and sit on a horse becomes more and more proficient and skilled in this art when he falls again and again from it. But this is only possible when you don’t accept the defeat and keep your spirits high.  A wrestler who sees that his opponent is too strong and bulky comparing to him usually accepts the defeat without entering the ring and soon he feels his energy and passion evaporated and lost. But if you don’t try to let your opponent have an easy victory and try your best, it makes you worth of being an owner to the qualities and skills that have been bestowed to you by the nature. This is the strategy that is going to sustain the hopes of the weak and oppressed.

Mahmood Hassan Quraishi is a permanent writer of the Daily Afghanistan Express.

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