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Statements of the Statesmen

Defense Minister, Bismillah Muhammadi

Afghans are confused more by their own leaders than foreigners because a wide contradiction could be seen when they talk about the country and its future. It has become a practice to read statements of a leader that is totally different from that given by his peers.  They take it amiss when media point out their errors. It seems that there is lack of coordination among executive, judiciary and legislature as well as differences among the statesmen holding key positions are also visible. This led Afghans to face cognitive dissonance. People could find themselves in awkward situation because the dissonance made it hard to trust all leaders and accept their statements as genuine.

Defense Minister, Bismillah Muhammadi in Wolesi Jirga (Lower House) on Saturday proclaimed that there would be no security related issue when foreign troops will leave Afghanistan and further responsibilities would fall on the shoulders of Afghan government. He said that Afghan security forces were in the position to give ‘tit for tat’ response if need urged. The minister accused some local and international media of propaganda against Afghanistan. To some extent he is right, because it is evident from the successful completion of security transition that Afghan security forces are more skilled than one could even imagine. It is also right that some media outlets are involved in propaganda against Afghanistan, but every criticism of media could not be termed against the country if it was constructive.

However, it would be better if the ministers ask their colleagues for consensus as it is necessary to bring public out from the state of confusion. Second Vice-President, Mohammad Karim Khalili on Sunday said that influential people were violating the laws but the government yet to punish them. He said the government was reluctant to tame the violators because officials were also breaching law of the land. As he is holding top slot thus his statement is of utmost value, but in contradiction to those statements containing the phrase ‘no challenge for Afghanistan’.  First Secretary of Wolesi Jirga, Abdul Satar Khawasi, also had similar views. He also asked the government to improve the law and order situation across the country because it created the several other problems.

As a matter of fact the government could not gain trust of public if view of the statesmen were different from each other. Moreover, they should accept that there are internal challenges like corruption, insecurity, poor health and education system as well as lack of coordination among pillars of the state.  The government could not say ‘all is well’ until it takes step to cope with these challenges.

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