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Some Media Outlets Fueling Racism: Karzai


KABUL: President Hamid Karzai on Thursday accused some media outlets of spreading linguistic and ethnic fanaticism in Afghanistan, claiming such prejudicial acts had support from outside to damage the national unity. Addressing participants of a conference on “Development of Salang Pass for next 50 years,” the president said those involved in spreading differences among Afghan communities should be dealt in accordance with the law.

He called on media outlets, particularly TV channels, to avoid fueling such prejudices and instead work to strengthening national unity. “Our TVs have been speaking with complete freedom, they criticize the government, they criticize me, say whatever they want to say and we have supported them to develop and proceed ahead with a complete freedom.”

Karzai said they should not forget that most Afghans had been refugees and homeless, but today they sit with dignity in TV studios, with some wearing neckties and others turbans and pakool (traditional woolen hats). The president said it was recently when one of the TVs insulted the people of Afghanistan. “Those who insult the Afghan nation and languages, they are spreading prejudice and they are not Afghans, but those representing their own mindset and miseries.”

“As a citizen, as a nation and state, it is our duty to protect this country, it is our duty to stand united against those who themselves are fanatics or work as agents of outsiders and out to damage Afghanistan national unity,” the president said. He stressed legal action should be taken against individuals with full force and anger involved in fueling racism. (PAN)

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