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Shutdown: Obama would Sign Short-term Debt Rise

Shutdown  Obama would Sign Short-term Debt Rise

Washington – US President Barack Obama is willing to sign a “clean” short-term increase to the US borrowing limit that is free from Republican budget and policy demands, his spokesman has said.Jay Carney’s remarks came amid talks aimed at ending the twin fiscal crises threatening the US and world economies.

The US is in the 11th day of a partial government shutdown.But the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore, closed by the shutdown, will now re-open.The funding will be provided by the states of New York, Arizona and South Dakota, however, with other national parks and monuments remaining closed due to the deadlock in Washington.

As the well as the shutdown, the US is heading towards default if it does not raise its debt limit by 17 October.”If the Congress were to pass a clean debt ceiling of short duration to avoid default, the president would sign that,” Mr Carney said, following rounds of talks among Mr Obama and Senate and House Republicans.

But Mr Carney reiterated the White House would not accept a debt ceiling rise with conditions attached, saying the right thing to do was to “remove that gun from the table”.And the White House spokesman said there was still “no acceptable reason to keep the government shut down”. (BBC)

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