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ShariahEnforcement to Curb Militancy: Sayyaf

Shariah Enforcement to Curb Militancy Sayyaf

KABUL – Presidential contender AbdurRabRassoulSayyaf, blaming the government for what he called inconsistent policies to control terrorism and ensure economic growth, says he will work out effective policies to tackle challenges. In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, the presidential hopeful suggested implementation of the Sharia law in the country would prevent militants from perpetrating violence in the country.

Also, talks should be held with the elements fuelling militancy, insurgency and Talibanisation in Afghanistan, the noted jihadi leader said, alleging the Taliban were being used as a tool by outsiders for promoting their vested interest in the war-battered country.

Implementation of the criminal law would help tackle militancy, he believed, criticising the sitting government for demonstrating a weak approach to dealing with rebels. He intends to form a consensus government where officials would be appointed on the basis of experience, qualifications and credibility.

Measures would be taken to curb corruption through a system of rewards and punishments in every sector. Administrative corruption and lawlessness are threatening the very fabric of society, according to Sayyaf, who said he would take accelerated steps to ensure security. He supported freedom of expression as a birth right of every individual, but underlined the need to determine its limits. If elected, holding parlays with the fighters would be among his priorities. He will ensure the freedom of expression and respect for women’s rights.

Asked why he had jumped into the presidential race, the former professor said his sole objective was to serve the country. He would leave no stone unturned to bring peace and prosperity to the people. The country was faced with internal as well as external challenge, he noted, saying the government’s weak writ had multiplied the problems. (PAN)

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