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Senate Panel to Probe Logar Entry Test Issue

Senate Panel to Probe Logar Entry Test Issue

KABUL – A day after cancellation of exams in central Logar province, some Meshrano Jirga members on Sunday called for impartial and transparent entry tests.About 3,632 new school graduates, including 280 girls, appeared in the entry test in Logar last Thursday. A 28-member delegation of the Higher Education Ministry had been in the province to oversee the process.

But the delegation threw answer sheets in water channels on their way back to Kabul, according to Governor Niaz Mohammad Amiri. The incident prompted howls of protests from local officials and residents.Speaking in Meshrano Jirga, Lailuma criticised the delegation for the entry test fiasco in Logar. “The exams should be held transparently across the country and the Logar issue investigated.”

A representative of Sikhs, Anar Kali Hunaryar, said the mess in Logar had damaged a national process. “Those involved in this negligence should be investigated and brought to justice,” she demanded.A delegation from the Wolesi Jirga should be sent to the province to investigate the issue, she suggested.

Provincial council candidates were also trying to influence the entry test as part of their campaigns, alleged Senator Hidayatullah Ahmadzai. “The delegation had no right to throw the answer sheets into canals.”Deputy Chairman Mohammad Alam Ezedyar, who chaired the session, said interfering in the academic exercise was illegal.

At the end of the session, the cultural commission was tasked with investigating the issue.Election security was also discussed in the session. Lawmaker Arif Pashtun said conducting a transparent election was impossible as the security situation was deteriorating day by day.

Members of the election commission be summoned to give senators information on the measures for election security.Another senator, Hidayat Rihayee, said some remote districts were under Taliban’s control — raising questions about election transparency.Ezedyar said the commission’s plans were moving successfully and Ministry of Interior taking proper security measures. He asked security organs to pave the ground for free and inclusive polls. (PAN)

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