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Security Pact with US in Weeks: Ahmadi

Security Pact with US in Weeks Ahmadi

KABUL -With negotiations on a bilateral security pact with the United States having reached a decisive stage, the deputy foreign minister has hoped the agreement will be concluded in the next few weeks. Addressing a meeting of the International Contact Group in New York, Ershad Ahmadi said the two sides were close to signing the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA). However, he gave no further details.

He called for countering propaganda about the international community’s disengagement from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. “This perception is creating uncertainty and triggers trends … that run counter to our shared interest for stability.” In a statement from the foreign ministry, he sought clarity about continued support from the global fraternity through a reframed and solidified partnership. “Future support will be essential to strengthening our security forces,” he stressed.

With regard to ongoing preparations for next year’s presidential election, Ahmadi said the vote be crucial for Afghanistan’s stability and protecting its nascent democratic system.


“A complete legal and institutional framework for the elections is now in place. Voter and candidate registration has started and necessary security arrangements have been established,” he added.

Ahmadi stressed next year’s elections must result in a stronger sense of unity and trigger a new momentum for better governance, more prosperity and increased security extinction.

He believed the reconciliation process would spur security and political transition, acknowledging the role of Pakistan in this regard was crucial. President Karzai’s recent visit to Islamabad had fuelled optimism about constructive engagement, he said. (PAN)

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