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Security Lapses Challenge To Runoff: IDLG

Security lapses challenge to runoff IDLG

KABUL: The Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) on Monday called the runoff presidential vote challenging, warning militants might foment trouble in case of major security lapses.

Addressing a meeting of ministries’ spokespersons, provincial governors and police chiefs, IDLG deputy head Abdul Mateen Baig said the militants were preparing to avenge their defeat during the first round of elections.

“We should not say the first round was successful; instead we should strive to prevent insurgents’ propaganda and to defeat them once again,” he remarked, stressing strong coordination among ministries’ spokesperson and security organs.

In an attempt to win public confidence, Baig asked the spokespersons to dish out unified messages.

Interior Ministry spokesman Siddique Siddiqui said 85 percent of Taliban’s propaganda was focused on eroding people’s trust in the security forces.  He asked provincial spokespersons to avoid making remarks on security indents without coordination with their seniors.

“If there are contradictions in statements from the spokespersons and governors, people’s confidence in security forces will be damaged. It will be in interest of the enemy,” he continued.

Defence Ministry spokesperson Zahir Azimi also said the militants had launched propaganda, but security forces were in a good position to counter it.

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said it had shared the list of polling stations with security forces.


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