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Security for Civilians Deteriorating

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After the horrific Farah assault by the Taliban, President Karzai visited the province on Monday and met families and relatives of the victims of the attacks. As Farah citizens   are mourning for the loss of civilian lives, another deadly bombing in Maidan Wardak province claimed lives of other nine civilians.

These recent incidents suggest the intensity of the human disastrous condition in Afghanistan as war and insurgency is unabatedly continuing ahead of NATO withdrawal. In a country grappling with phenomenon of the suicide attack and violence, an Ulema gathering in Kabul called suicide attacks and violence in Afghanistan as forbidden, upholding resolution of the third Istanbul Ulema conference.

The recent security developments highlight the deteriorating human rights condition. The well-coordinated assault also highlighted the deteriorating situation of security once more and the fact that there is a long way ahead for the country to overcome insurgency.

In recent months, there have been a series of attacks on government buildings, security installations and government officials in Kabul and other cities across the country. In recent months two years, the Taliban have intensified their attacks on major cities, particularly the capital –Kabul.

It seems that the militant groups have developed a strategy of group suicide attacks on major cities and government buildings. The Taliban have well recognized the fact such attacks would work efficiently terrorize people and advance their propaganda of war campaign against the government of Afghanistan.

This incident drew a grim picture of the prospect of the Afghanistan’s future, as the US-led NATO forces are withdrawing from the country ending the unpopular war. It is indicating that the security forces of Afghanistan would face resurgence of Taliban fighters and the insurgency would continue in Afghanistan after NATO forces withdraw from the country by end of 2014.

The withdrawal is going to take place at a time when the peace negotiations with the militant groups are in stalemate. The United States and Afghan government is making every effort to reach a peace deal with the Taliban before the US leaves the country by end of 2014. But, as seen in recent weeks, the peace efforts are facing serious obstacles from disagreements between Kabul and Islamabad to Taliban’s stance, unwilling to negotiation directly with the government of Afghanistan.

On the other hand, the security challenges continue as the US and Afghan officials are negotiating on a bilateral security pact which will pave the way for presence of residual forces of the United States in post-2014 Afghanistan. The security condition of the country and the uncertain process of peace talks with the Taliban highlight the need for reaching a security agreement with the US that allows presence of thousands of NATO troops in Afghanistan after the international coalition pulls out the bulk of its troops from Afghanistan.

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