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Sahra Karimi Wins Best Film Award at Dhaka Int’l Film Festival

Sahra Karimi Wins Best Film Award at Dhaka

Kabul- The Afghan film “Afghan Women Behind Driving Wheel” was recognized as the best documentary film during the 13th Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh.

The movie directed and produced by female Afghan filmmaker Sahra Karimi, depicts the life of a number of Afghan women who are keen for driving vehicles in a conservative Afghan society where driving is only an ambition for the women.

The Afghan women speaks regading their current living situation and ambitions while appearing in the documentary film, which has received nearly 19 awards, including the best Slovakian award in 2010.

The main focus of the film is to depict the current situation of the women and their families, incuding their past, present and future lives, in the most conservative and male dominated society of Afghanistan.

Sahra Karimi received her Doctorate degree as a filmmaker and director from the Film and Television Faculty of Slovakia in 2012, and started her career as a professional filmmaker in Afghanistan by opening the Kapila multimedia company, after returning to Afghanistan.

Karimi is currently busy with the making of her other film “Pianest in Kabul”.

The Dhaka film filmfare awards organized by Rainbow Film Association, was one of the main international filmfare event in Dhaka Bangaldesh, which mainly focuses on promoting the tradition of clean cinema in Bangladesh and paying tribute to global film stream.

The filmfare ceremony initially debuted in 1977 and the event is organized once after every two years in Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh.

The event was organized in Dhaka from 10th December 2013 to 18 January 2014 and was warmly welcomed by the people and medias of Bangladesh, which was held despite travel threats due to political chaos in Bangladesh.

The ceremony was attended by filmmakers from various countries including Afghanistan, Iran, India, Singapore, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Poland, Norway, Nepal, Malaysia, China, Korea and United States, where the filmmakers put their movies on contest to receive the award.

A two-day conferene on the role of women in cinema was also organized with the help of Dhaka university, which was attended by guests and speakers from various parts of the world.

Sahra Karimi was the only female filmmaker from Afghanistan who spoke on behalf of Afghanistan in Dhaka filmfare ceremony.

Young female Afghan filmmaker Sakina Mohammadi also attended the five-day film exhibition and training workshop, which was conducted by international tutors. (Khama press)

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