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Sadqa-I-Fitr Estimated At 40 Afghanis

Sadqa-I-Fitr Estimated At 40 Afghanis

Though the government has yet to make any official announcement, religious scholars on Saturday said the minimum Sadqa-i-Fitr, cash payable by every Muslim at the end of the holy month, would be 40 afghanis this year.

Also, Muslim men and women could donate cash or 1.5 kilogram of wheat, which is equal to 40 afghanis as per market price. Haji Fazal Rehman, a shopkeeper in Mandai area, told Pajhwok Afghan News seven kilograms of wheat accounted for 150 afs.

The rate of 1.5 kg of wheat works out at more than 35 afs. Scholars say the faithful should pay 40 afghanis as a precaution.

Maulvi Sadiqullah Muslim, chief of Supreme Court’s fatwa department, said the faithful should distribute cash or its kind to the poor and needy people. Since wheat is widely produced in the country, fasting men and women should give one kilogram and 800 grams per head.

The scholar urged well-off people to demonstrate generosity and give less than four kilograms of dates. It was mandatory for every adult Muslim with 85 grams of gold or the money equal to its value to give Zakat.

Muslim said that poor relatives come first and have a greater right. Most people give Fitrana to their prayer leaders, he explained if an imam is poor then he should be paid.

Another, religious scholar Qazi Mohammad Hassan Haqyar said it was better if Fitrana was paid before Eid prayers. However, he added it could be paid until sundown.

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