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Rule of Law a Panacea to Militancy: Amin Arsala

Rule of Law a Panacea to Militancy Amin

KABUL – Presidential contender Hidayat Amin Arsala says good governance, rule of law and speedy dispensation of justice tend to discourage the scourge of growing militancy and instability in Afghanistan.In his exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News he promised to ensure sustainable economic growth, rule of law, speedy justice and attract foreign and local investment with the support of masses once he won the presidential ballots.: Amin Arsala

The presidential hopeful said he would rule in way which would have no reason for militants to fight a useless war in Afghanistan anymore.“We need to transform the militants’ agenda of insurgency into development and progress of Afghanistan through good governance. Afghans are peace loving people and weary of war and fighting. They want development and prosperity in the country,” Arsala added.

“Times is not far when militants will surrender their weapons and shun violence of their own once we bring some sort of durable development and build our shattered economy in Afghanistan,” he said.Referring to the bilateral security agreement (BSA) between Kabul and Washington, he said conditions for signing the vital pact were the collective demand of Afghans; however, the agreement was in larger interests of country.

Serious efforts were needed for holding result-oriented talks with Taliban, he said, adding that the nascent peace process would take time and could not be finalized in months.The presidential runner went on to say if Taliban continued to insists upon complete withdrawal of foreign troops then the militants should wait for another ten years.

Taliban seemed to have softened their stance regarding the complete withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan, he said, adding that the 2014 would see multiple changes in the country in terms of militants groups’ tactics and other developments.He broadly talked about his future plans with special reference on governance, security pact with the US, economic development, education, foreign policy and current situation of the country. (PAN)

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