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Religious Scholars Endorse Ashraf Ghani

Religious Scholars Endorse Ashraf Ghani

Kabul- A number of religious scholars on Monday announced their support for presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai. The scholars claimed that their role in the present government has been largely symbolic and demanded more influence in the next administration.

Meanwhile, Ghani said that if the religious scholars express show a commitement to implementing reforms and the restoration of peace and security, no power could prevent them from doing so.  “If the mosques across Afghanistan chant the peace slogan in a single Juma congregation or call for reforms, no force could prevent them,” Ghani said. “The Ulema are our partners.”

But some of the religious scholars at the gathering seemed not entirely sold on Ghani despite their proclamation of support.

“It is not clear to what extent he [Ashraf Ghani] will honor his commitments,” one religious scholar named Sabza Gul said. “We do not know whether he will follow through with his statements or if he will only gather the Ulema for a symbolic role, as the Presidential Palace does.”

For the most part, the gathering on Monday offered the opportunity for the religious scholars to promote the importance of their role in society, and their involvement in picking the country’s next leader.  “It is difficult to execute the will of Allah in a society without the existence of the Ulema,” another scholar Mohammad Qasim Halimi said.

Others spoke about the elections and emphasized the responsibility Afghans have to participate. “Muslims are obliged to select the leader of the county,” scholar Mohammad Naeem said. “Our participation in the election is an obligation, and those who say otherwise are wrong.” (ToloNews)

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