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Release of Taliban Militants may Upset the Peace Efforts

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Afghanistan is going through a very difficult and most cuticle pint of time with bold and most challenging tasks ahead begins with now. With foreign troop’s departure, a presidential election getting closer and a potential peace deal with the rebels still far from certain, a crucial phase in the struggle for Afghanistan’s future is set to spread out in the near future. In certain corners of the country that fight is already underway and the rise in insecurity situation persistently causes worries among the citizens that what will happen beyond 2014 as the NATO and U.S forces have begun to exit. Mountainous and remote parts of the country are the clear example of what could happen in post-occupation.

The year 2012 had a tragic and disappointing ending with worst ever bloodshed, killings and worst security situation while the violence against women still persists to victimize the girls and women. After month’s discussions over the peace talks, our president in his earlier trip to Washington released 80 detainees of Taliban militants on Friday, a part of a continuing effort to assert its sovereignty over the dominant issue of how prisoners are treated.

In spite of increasing rate of Taliban’s deadly attacks on government officials, including the local citizens, the Afghan government has delightedly decided to release about 400 or so the Taliban militant prisoners. Since the responsibility of the prisons has been transferred to Afghan authorities, about 250 prisoners formerly held by the U.S. in night-raid operations have been released by Afghan authorities in hopes that this will lead to reconciliation in the 11-year conflict.

In the meantime, the council also hopes that the release of 26 Taliban prisoners by Pakistan over the past two months will help end the conflict, with the freed serving as intermediaries between Kabul and the Taliban leadership. But the officials seem to think that by setting to free the extremists who seem to get ready for the next period of Jihad after they get released.

In this regard, the American officials have long raised concerns that the Afghan release of prisoners is too early and it is raising risk. They are also in opinion that many will return to the battlefield and fight against this war-torn nation. The Afghan officials, including those who are in the favour of releasing the prisoners opposing the pinion that they are not legally allowed to be detained for only being suspected of insurgents without enough evidence to prosecute them, even if the Americans say they are too dangerous.

At the same time, the American who detained them are all in strong believe that they are all convicted of crimes and that their release may further deteriorate the ground for peace, stability and progress. Therefore, their release may not be suitable at this point of time. Because there is no guarantee that they would stay peaceful after their release and do not stand against the government again or other local citizens for upsetting peace.

Based on the agreement between the two stats that Americans handed over all the prisoners to the Afghan government and that the Afghans themselves would make a decision about keeping and releasing the Taliban detainees. But it does not mean to risk the gains and achievements being brought after more than one decade of bloodshed.

The government must put the nation in the picture with evidences that they are no guilty of any crime and that they are innocent. The government must convince the nation that they would not join their fighting groups after their release. Most of the people are not agree with the release of the Taliban fighters.

Reading the current ground realities, it is not acceptable for the common man to trust that their release may not bring miseries to the gains and achievements. Initially, the government must create source of income for their livelihood so that the economic situation of their family do not force them join back the insurgent and other militants groups for the cause of their survival. Only talks will not solve our problems.

The ongoing talks of President Karzai with full confidence about the capability of ANSF and government for the best security performance after the withdrawal of U.S and NATO forces have turned the attention of the whole world. The rest of the world including the U.S. and the people have lots of expectations from the Afghan government authorities for the security improvements and maintaining the gains and achievements after all president Karzai’s bold talks. All the expectations and strong believe in government’s capability goes when President karzai assures the nation that he is able to maintain peace in the country and that the release of the Taliban militants may ease to meet the mission for peace and sustainability.

After all, despite the government’s upbeat ceremony, the transfer of the prison has become a serious tension among the world’s top think-tanks as the Americans prepare to withdraw and Afghans take on increasing control over security in the country fully after 2014. As of now, many Afghans fear that these differences may cause the country to again descend into civil war. There is hope for negotiations but the gaps between the Taliban, the United States and the government are very big that may require more sacrifices and losses. Above all, all we want is peace, stability and sustainable security condition. I hope that the war with bloodshed ends and may the year of 2013 bring us all peace and resolve to make this country a better place to live and cherish for all of you.

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