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Qanuni Asks IEC to Respect People’s Verdict

Qanuni Asks IEC to Respect People’s Verdict

KABUL – The first vice-president on Tuesday asked the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to respect people’s verdict and prevent the use of unfair means. Speaking at an event marking the Mujahideen’s Victory, Younus Qanuni said the April 5 election had put Afghanistan on the road to a bright future. The IEC was duty-bound to respect people’s mandate, he stressed.
Qanuni added masses had discharged their duty by turning out in large numbers on Election Day. It was the commission’s turn to review the process in a fair way. “By exercising their franchise in an unprecedented way, the Afghans have proved they are a democracy-loving nation. Now it is the turn of the IEC and the Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) to thwart conspiracies,” he remarked.
According to preliminary results, Dr Abdullah Abdullah has secured 44.9 percent of the ballots cast and Dr Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai 31.5 percent. With none of the candidate reaching the 50+1 percent mark, a run-off election has become necessary. The top two candidates must go to the second round of the elections when none of the runners achieves the required target.
High Peace Council (HPC) head, Salahuddin Rabbani who also participated in the ceremony, criticised the IEC for failing to open polling sites even where there were no security concerns. Any attempt to disrupt the process would amount to a dangerous joke on the people, something that would lead to instability, he warned.
He added: “Earlier, the enemies of Afghans spread propaganda that elections are a useless exercise and that a final decision is taken by others. But the massive turnout proved such rumours incorrect, showing that only people’s vote can shape the country’s future.”
Rabbani remarked: “On April, 5, people sent a clear message that they will never surrender to oppression and warlodism. People have discharged their responsibility and they are genuine winners.” Qanuni linked domestic problems to meddling from some elements and lack of governance experience. “Looking at April 27 and 28, (Haft Sawar and Hasht Sawar) through the same prism will be a big mistake…”
He called the absence of a clear strategy after the triumphant of Mujahedeen the main reason for continuing war, alleging some countries, including Pakistan, were did not want to see a democratic government in Afghanistan. He stressed unity among Afghans, saying Pakistan was the only country that was trying to install a puppet government in Afghanistan. But Mujahedeen’s strong foiled its nefarious designs

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