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Persuading Investors

Omar zakhilwal

Economics is all about monopoly where one or a group of companies try to keep strong hold over the market while adopting various tactics. For them their economic interests and investment is revered, nothing else. They pressurize governments where they see that others are getting ahead of them in the markets. They often enjoy concessions in taxes and other facilities. If a law or decision of authorities disturbs them then they use their best weapon—withdraw investment from that country for a while and spread rumors about market collapse. One could find that same ‘business game’ is taking place in Afghanistan after watching the multi-national corporations and local investors with prowling eyes.

The companies that had no competitor in the market when they landed after 2001 are now having tough time due to entry of more business tycoons into Afghan market. In addition to that, policy of the Afghan government to encourage local investors by giving soft loans, concessions in taxes and other facilities further worried the foreign investors or those Afghans who believe in monopoly system. Those Afghans who are settled in other countries but came to Afghanistan for time being to witness trend of market are part of the ‘business game’. The business game is so simple to understand and does not require having mastery in rocket science, but just a little wisdom and know-how of market trends. Their game is all about capturing the whole market through propaganda.

They spread rumors in the market after observing expansion in the market due to entry of local investors that Afghanistan would face several challenges after withdrawal of foreign troops. They want to disturb local investors in order to pull back the rivals. Their propaganda is going unabated because of the inertness of government that’s why Afghan investors are perplexed and worried about their investment. The Afghan Finance Minister, Dr. Zakhelwal while realizing the fact came forward to address the worries of the investors and assure them of bright future. He strongly dispelled the rumors. He told investors not to create hysteria and paranoia about the post-2014 Afghanistan. Sternly ruling out major challenges he was seen highly sanguine about future-Afghanistan.

Though Zakhelwal categorically said that security would be provided to industrialists, but the stampede could not be controlled if the government came into pressure and allowed foreigners to poach. Finance Ministry should keep encouraging local investors instead of foreigners, because in future only Afghans would stay here to play their role in development of Afghanistan; no matters how worse time befalls us all. The foreigners would leave one day the country if they found another good market. Their sudden departure would leave worse fallouts on the country’s economy in future then there will be no escape. Therefore, it is needed to address the issue beforehand.

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