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Pentagon: ANSF Stronger but Attacks Expected

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WASHINGTON – Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) had emerged stronger than ever, fully capable of defending their country, but the Taliban would continue to attack in a war-like situation, the Pentagon said Friday. “We remain very confident in the growing capabilities of the ANSF. There have been attacks. We expect the Taliban to lash out. This is still a war and we know that we have to continue to pursue our war efforts,” the Pentagon press secretary said.

George Little told reporters during an off-camera news conference the Afghans had taken the campaign themselves and had suffered casualties. He believed that the progress in the war effort continued. “The fact remains that the Taliban has not been able to cease back territories that they once had,” Little said in response to a question. It was reflective of the progress that the ANSF has made in Afghanistan, he asserted.

He hastened to add: “If your metrics for success is absolutely zero attack from the enemy in a war zone, with respect that is probably unrealistic metric. We do expect the Taliban to undertake attacks as in the past 12 years and even before that.” He insisted the ANSF had made progress in securing more and more territory and that the transition was on track. (PAN)

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