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Parliament Approves Two Articles of Election Law

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KABUL – The second article of the Election Law in which government has suggested a free system of nomination, was approved by parliament. The fourth article says that votes must be counted in polling centres. “The free system of election is in the interest of our country. We are against complex systems, because political parties lack the ability to represent majority of the people,” Member of Parliament Kamal Naser Osoli said.

“The free nomination system is important and every one can independently nominate and go to parliament,” Member of Parliament Assadullah Saadati said. But a number of parliamentarians want a complex system of election in which a third of parliament seats are allocated to political parties. They emphasise that there should be some privileges for political parties.

“Some privileges should be given to political parties, in this case all political parties can have widespread participation in elections,” Member of Parliament Zahir Saadat said. “The Election Law guarantees Afghanistan’s future, we can’t bring democracy in the absence of political parties,” Member of Parliament Farkhonda Zahra Naderi said.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan Independent Election Commission IEC says if the counting process is done in polling centres, it will avoid fraud in elections. “It will avoid fraud if the counting is done in centres,” Head of IEC Fazl Ahmad Manawi said. It comes as the Afghan government and parliament have been arguing on 11 controversial articles of the Election Law. The parliament is going to discuss the remaining 9 articles of the law in the next days. (Tolonews)

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