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Pakistan Demanding US Presence in Afghanistan

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Pakistan has asked the United States to review its plan for withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan by end of 2016. According to reports, a delegation of Pakistani military officials has recently visited Washington to urge American officials to back the ongoing military offensive in North Waziristan even after troop pullout from Afghanistan. The development comes at a time when Pakistani military is carrying out a comprehensive military offensive against Taliban militants in the country’s restive tribal area of North Waziristan. Pakistani officials have said the country would continue the operation against Taliban affiliated terrorist outfits in the tribal areas.
Pakistan’s prompt to urge the US not to abandon the region after 2016 is indicating that the country are now fearing the US pullout from the region may even further prolong the war Taliban has been waging in the country. Pakistan has been the scene of brazen attacks of the Pakistani Taliban against the country’s security forces. The militants carried out deadly attacks across the country this year. In response to the attacks particularly the Karachi attack, the Pakistani army has launched an extensive assault against the bases of the Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan in North Waziristan.
The Pakistanis are concluding that it may not be able to contain the war against the militants at home. Ahead of the NATO withdrawal, the militants operating in the safe havens of the northwestern tribal areas of Pakistan are posing a profound threat to the future of the two neighboring countries. As the US-led international alliance is preparing for final withdrawal, a more revengeful Taliban is preparing for a comeback both in tribal areas of Pakistan and in insecure areas of Afghanistan.
The continued war in both Afghanistan and Pakistan is suggesting that the two countries may even face a resurge of an impeccable insurgency. The recent waves of violence in both countries are sending a message to the efforts of the governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan. For Afghanistan, the wave of fresh violence is sending a message to the Afghan government and the United States to resolve the impasse and agree on a much-awaited security deal that would allow US forces to stay in Afghanistan through 2024.
The rise of militants’ attacks in Pakistan is indicating that the country is not immune to even further exacerbation of security after the US leaves Afghanistan this year. Pakistan is standing a difficult position in fighting against the insurgent groups in the country. The country has long been supportive to activities of some of the militant groups using the country as safe havens. The country is formally pursuing efforts to start peace negotiations with the militant groups to curb the militancy in the country. If Pakistan fails to win the war against the Taliban, it would further leave the country in a state of weakness against the militants.

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