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Pakistan Can’t Sway our Foreign Policy: Karzai

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KABUL – President Hamid Karzai on Thursday made clear Afghanistan would never allow Pakistan to influence its foreign policy. Islamabad should never think that Kabul would pursue a foreign policy of Pakistan’s choice, the president said. “This is flight of the imagination; this is madness.” Addressing a ceremony marking the Kabul University’s 80th foundation anniversary, he said Pakistan still viewed Afghanistan as an unstable country as it was during the Soviet occupation.

With a 5,000-year-old history, Afghanistan had gained a lot of strength, compared with Pakistan that was created some decades back, the president remarked. During Taliban rule, Afghanistan’s foreign policy was framed in line with Islamabad’s choice, but the situation had drastically changed since 2001. Pakistan should no longer think about doing that, he cautioned.

Karzai told the neighbour to stop trying to pressurise Afghanistan with cross-border incursions and infiltration of terrorists. His country had rejected the Durand Line in the past and would not recognise it in future, he maintained, explaining that Kabul desired cooperative relations with Kabul. (PAN)

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