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Oxfam: Afghan Gov’t Must Do More to Protect New Policewomen

Oxfam  Afghan Gov't Must Do More to Protect New

Kabul – As international forces pull out of Afghanistan, the country is busy building up it’s security forces. But according to a report from Oxfam International, the government must do a lot more to protect the growing number of women signing up.

These recruits have signed up to serve their country, in a country where their service is not always accepted. For in Afghanistan, a country where many women are not allowed to work, do not know their basic rights, and where men and women are separated in public, the people who’s job it is to uphold the law and protect the population are critical.

While the new recruits here are mostly young women starting out in their careers, this woman fought, and waited, for her chance to sign up. “I have wanted to join the police for a long time. At first my family would not let me, but finally I made them understand and agree.” Police Recruit said.

As the recent Oxfam International report noted, only 1% of the entire Afghan police force are female. As the security situation still remains bleak, and violence against women is epidemic, the protect of women, by women, is essential. Without them, women and girls will have almost no one to go to for justice.

Yet once a woman signs up for the police force, the report says many are faced with lack of proper facilities, harassment, and for some, sexual threats. The Afghan Ministry of Interior reacted to the report, saying that they have studied it and will look into Oxfam’s recommendations. They agreed that having female police was critical, yet on camera did not address the issue of the physical threats against them.

“We have taken many actions in respect to making sure they have a better environment, that’s our objective. And we have also invested in some programs for new buildings and office for the females, the female police. And we strongly believe that now is the time to have more female police in the MOI.” Sediq Sediqi, Spokesman of Ministry of Interior said. (CNTV)

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