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Once Again; a Sad Story from Baghlan

Once Again; a Sad Story from Baghlan

Taiba Aimaq Firozuddin is an eight years old girl who was living in Baghlan. Late evening of 6 February 2014, a domestic gas explosion took place in her family’s home. A gas tube next to a burning stove along with ignorance and careless caused the disaster. It took six lives while totally wrecking the Aimaq’s house. The grandmother, aunt, three children and a new born of Taiba’s family lost their lives and several others were injured. Taiba is one of the four survivors out of the accident.

The survivors spent the night at the local hospital in Pol-i Khomri for the first treatment. The next day, the others transferred to a hospital in Islamabad whereas little Taiba to German Field Hospital at Camp Marmal, Mazar-e Sharif.

According to the findings of the first examination, she was non-responsive, having severe pain on manipulation and hardly able to breathe. Oxygen saturation was not measureable since there was almost no part to allow that. She was diagnosed with; II-III category burn, 40% of her body surface, inhalation injury.

Unfortunately her situation overthrew the capabilities of the field hospital. Also in addition to her initial diagnosis, now she had ventilator associated bacteria due to assisted breathing. On 21 February she was transferred to the French Role 2 Enhanced Hospital in Kabul.

Within the capabilities of French Hospital, the medical team was doing their best to keep her alive, but too soon, it became clear that she had to be taken to and treated in specialized burn and reconstructive plastic surgery unit which did not exist in Afghanistan at all.

In this regard, although the Shriners Hospital for Children at Boston/USA volunteered for Taiba’s care and treatment, her transfer turned out to be an issue since it was too far away. Briefly, for a variety of reasons, none of the attempts to take her outside Afghanistan to a capable health facility came back positive till then.

Then, Turkish National chain of command at ISAF was informed about the case and sent a letter to Turkish General Staff in Turkey.  Between 12-15 March 2014 Turkish Senior Military Representation, Turkish Embassy, Turkish Chief of General Staff and Gülhane Military Medical Academy (GATA) exchanged their information and completed the legal procedures of her care and treatment in Turkey.

Lastly at 16 March 2014, a Medevac aircraft tasked by Turkish General Staff transported the Taiba to Turkey for treatment. (TAED)

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