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Of Sheep and Wolves!


By: Mahmood Hassan Quraishi.

Sheep is an animal that has been gifted with numerous qualities, offering lot many lessons for humans as well. It remains silent and never shows its qualities. There lies the lesson of humility and humbleness for us. It waits for its share and it is out of question that it should try to snatch others’ rights. It always gives its services in the form of milk but when there comes the time of reward, it remains behind and never tries to assert or claim its reward for its services. Its personal traits show as if it believes in the greatness of modesty as it never tries to show much activeness, even the goat tries to show its efficiency by trying to be more active.

At times activeness and habit of show-off pays for one but it should not be misunderstood that this tact or style is always successful because success thus attained might benefit for the moment but then it might bring you insult and humiliation. Contrary to this, humbleness and politeness always pays for a person. It might appear to be unsuccessful for the time being but in long run, it always comes out to be successful.

Another important animal worth observing is a wolf. It is the exact opposite of a sheep in all its qualities. It believes in shortcuts and tries to attain a thing with the least possible effort. As this is not a natural way of success so mostly it adopts treachery and other mean and selfish strategies to gain success. But this habit of acquiring something with treachery does a permanent harm to its personality. Treachery and wickedness becomes a permanent part of its personality and at times when a thing can be obtained in an appropriate or legal manner, it resorts to deception and treachery and its fraudulent instinct never comes to halt.

It tries to avoid any kind of hard work or service thus it looks for a prey that should be hunted down with the least possible effort. That is why it is seen that it tries to snatch the already hunted prey from the mouth of stronger predators. As a result of this habit, one strange trait has become the part of its personality. It has become coward and thus has less confidence on its abilities. A lion never accepts a dead prey and thus remains always strong and active. If the wolf had not adopted the habit of relying on others for its food, its claws, teeth and other hunting organs might have grown such strong and it might have also held such a confident and dignified personality like a lion but it all went in reverse and the result is in form of a wolf that believes more in treachery than the bravery and perseverance.

A wolf has the habit of showing off itself a lot. It might have just arrived on the remains of an animal left behind by a lion but then it would celebrate it in a way as if it has done all the effort to hunt it down. This stupid act might impress the one who doesn’t know the reality but those who are well-aware of the nature of wolf know that wolf has the habit of doing so and thus they are no more deceived by this. Wolf is again a stupid that thinks that it has fooled other animals by making them believe in his bravery while other animals consider him a great fool who has done nothing and is feeling proud on the achievement of others.

Let’s observe the life of both the animals from another point of view. Having a look at their qualities, one would think that sheep might be the most victimized animal and every passing day would bring more difficulties to it and the wolf would be more successful and it would be ruling the wild but it is not the case in fact. Sheep is the animal most liked by all and people pelt stones or whirl their sticks whenever they see a wolf somewhere.

Apart from the treatment they get from the people of the villages or towns, or the animals of the forest, a reputation is also associated with these animals. A sheep is generally accepted as a beneficial, useful and nice animal while a wolf is considered a lazy, cunning and very useless animal.

It is the reason why people make farms to keep the sheep where they are very well taken care of and protected from the dangers of both wild animals and the weather.

On the other hand, wolves are kept by some shepherds only because of their one good quality where their cunning trait is used for the protection of sheep and other domestic animals. Except this, they are not needed by anyone.

Similar to the above two animals, we see people and especially children of the above two qualities.

A mother was very concerned about her small daughter who had come up with some strange qualities. She talked less, always believed in others, liked painting, and started crying when saw an animal in pain, liked trees, flowers and butterflies, liked books, never told a lie and smiled a lot. When mother told me all these, I was really surprised to see all these good qualities in a small child and congratulated the mother but as I mentioned earlier, she was not happy of all these and was very much concerned about the future of the child. She was of the view that her daughter was very good but she was not fit to live in this society because this society was ruled and controlled by those who were clever and cunning and who knew how to be successful, leaving aside the matter of right or wrong. I told her that she might be right keeping in view our society but the qualities in her daughter were very much parallel with the qualities of nature and thus she might face some difficulties in the society but in the end, success would be her.

Being sheep might not be good in our society but being a wolf is not acceptable at all. People start cursing when they see a wolf and pray to rid of it as soon as possible. At times, people might be much frightened of a wolf and might not be in position to say anything against it but definitely they pray from their hearts to be away from this evil.

There was a very interesting comparison in one of the books that I read. It said that there would be people who would plant thorns and would expect ripe and delicious fruit from its tree and there would be those who would plant a fruit seed, work hard on it and when it will grow as a big tree and bear the fruit, they would quietly leave the place leaving the fruit for others.

I don’t want to discuss how wolves are brought up in societies but I am sure that sheep are brought up by our noble qualities and humble attitudes.

Let’s try to be one of those who plant and bring up a fruit tree and leave the fruit of it for the comfort of others.


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