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Obama urges rival Afghan candidates to reach a deal

Barack Obama
KABUL: US President Barak Obama has had separate telephone conversations with the rival Afghan presidential candidates on Sunday, urging them to reach an understanding.
Representatives of both electoral camps have confirmed that Ashraf Ghania and Abdullah Abdullah each spoke with the US President this evening. It is hoped that this will break the ice and both candidates will intensify their efforts to reach an agreement.
Muhammad Tahir Zoher, a representative of Ghani’s camp, has said that the US president urged the front runner to abide by the deal brokered by the US Secretary of State John Kerry. He added that President Obama reiterated his support to help resolve the crisis in accordance with the Afghanistan Constitution.
Zoher said Abdullah’s camp wanted the would-be Chief Executive to be the Head of Cabinet as well, which he said is a violation of the constitution. Another meeting between the candidates is scheduled for tomorrow, he added.
According to a deal brokered by John Kerry, the presidential candidates have agreed to create a new post of the Chief Executive for the losing candidate.
In the meanwhile, Syed Agha Hussain, representative of Abdullah’s camp, has claimed that the US president has expressed support for a unity government having representation from both electoral camps. He added that President Obama has offered to send the Secretary of State back to Kabul to resolve the latest impasse.
He added that Abdullah’s electoral team has delayed announcement of its final position on the situation for one day after consultation with the international community.(Pajhwok)

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